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Sustainable corporate gifts

Customising GreenBook

GreenBook creates a new way of working. Order your GreenBooks for internal use, or give them as a corporate gift. In both cases, GreenBook lasts a lifetime!

  • You can click pages in and out of the binding.
  • GreenBook is sustainable and produced fair trade within the EU.
  • Completely customisable, from the cover to the pages.
Customise GreenBook

Customising Stone Notebook

Show that your support to a greener world is rock solid. Give a luxurious hardcover notebook with a unique and sustainable story. Stone Notebooks are customisable from 25 pieces.

  • Tree-friendly! The pages are not made from trees.
  • Luxurious, soft, and waterproof paper.
  • Together we make reforestation a reality. Per purchased notebook, we plant a tree in Ghana.

Success stories

These are the organizations that choose GreenBook as a corporate gift, video-tool or birthday present. Check out their experiences.


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