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IMPACT: How does Stone Notebook’s environmental impact compare to traditional paper? 2018-02-21T11:19:53+00:00

3x smaller CO2-footprint
6x less energy use
Infinitely recyclable
No trees were hurt
No water waste
No bleach, acid or optical brighteners
Printed and bound in the Netherlands
Vegetable-based ink

SOFT: Why is Stone Paper soft? 2018-02-21T11:19:44+00:00

Traditional paper is usually made of wood, by pressing together moist fibres of cellulose pulp the material and then drying the sheets. The fibres shorten each time the paper is recycled. On average, the production of 1 metric ton of paper requires 17 trees, 25 m3 of water, 10,061 kWh of electricity and 2.57 m3 of oil. For white office paper, this is 24 trees. The recycled wood pulp is usually mixed with virgin wood pulp to maintain some quality.

Stone Notebook does not contain fibres and therefore the surface of its pages is smoother naturally.

FULL: What to do with a full Stone Notebook? 2018-02-21T11:19:40+00:00

Please make sure that your notebook ends up with type 2 plastics. Stone paper contains 20% HDPE, high-density polypropylene and thus it should not be recycled with wood pulp products such as newspapers or regular paper. Did you know that regular paper can only be recycled up to 6 times as the fibres become shorter and shorter? Stone Notebook is not biodegradable so please do not throw it in a household waste bin by accident. Although stone paper is compostable under commercial conditions (not in your back garden), it is a better use of resources to recycle the material again. Stone Notebook can potentially be indefinitely recycled when the material stays pure enough during the recycling process. Get in touch with GreenTeam if you require further assistance and we will be happy to help.

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PEN Is there bleeding into the back of the page? 2018-02-21T11:18:49+00:00

With the pen tried by GreenTeam no bleeding occurred. The writing can be seen slightly on the other side. We have not noticed smudging or bleeding on the other side of Stone Notebook pages. As the pages are waterproof the ink may take a bit longer to dry.

WEIGHT: Is the paper heavier because it’s made of stone? 2018-02-21T11:19:32+00:00

Stone Notebook is not heavier than a regular hardcover paper notebook of the same size. It looks and feels exactly the same as any other notebook, the pages are just as thin and they feel like very soft paper. Stone paper has a density range of 1.0-1.6g/m3, which is equal to, or slightly higher than regular paper.

RECYCLING: How is stone paper recyclable? 2018-02-21T11:19:28+00:00

Stone Notebook should specifically be recycled with plastics and not with paper. If you have a recycling station in your city which is for plastics only, that is perfect. If not, you can send it back to us to make sure it is properly recycled. As long as the pages are not confused with paper made of trees, no special process is required. Polyethylene + calcium carbonate can be recycled together as part of the plastic recycling cycle. Calcium carbonate is often used as an additive in plastics so it is already part of that same recycling cycle.

LEFTIE: I am left-handed. Can I use GreenBook? 2018-03-04T16:23:28+00:00

There many left-handed GreenBook users, so we will share some of their tips here:

  • Use your erasable notebook upside down
  • Turn GreenBook 45 degrees
  • GreenBook ink is fast-drying, but not as fast as a ballpoint. Thus, you will have the nicest experience if the back of your hand does not go over the ink immediately after writing.

I’m a leftie, and the black pen doesn’t leave marks on my hands! Plus I use some of the pages upside down as writing left-handed is easier that way. The habit tracker and nutrition planner are great for lefties too, I love that they are rotated.

Jasmina, @jasminadijon
I would like to gift my order to someone else. Can I add a shipping address which is different from my invoice address? 2017-11-21T11:14:38+00:00

How nice of you to gift a Greenstory order!
In your checkout you will find the option “Ship to a different address.” When clicking this box, you will be able to add a shipping address which is different from your billing address.

PEN: My pen seems dry. What do I do? 2018-03-12T14:01:46+00:00
  • Firstly, be aware that the Magic Pen contains fast drying ink. Don’t leave the lid off when you are not writing.

  • Did you accidentally leave the lid off? Put the GreenBook pen in a glass of water for a while.

  • Try a different angle.

  • If all else fails, then break the tip. Yes, you heard that right. Push the tip hard onto paper so that you hear something crack. Then the flow of ink will become bigger and consistent.

What does GreenTeam look like? 2017-10-07T08:11:25+00:00

Something like this.



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How do I hear about limited editions and new products? 2017-12-04T09:33:28+00:00

Follow Fleur’s green stories.

She writes about her boundless ambition to make a difference, fun GreenTeam stories behind the scenes and she keeps you updated with all things Greenstory.

Can I become a reseller? 2017-09-22T21:11:37+00:00

Yes! Please get in touch with us below.

I am from a*

SCAN: How do I scan GreenBook pages with my phone? 2018-02-09T12:06:23+00:00

On iOS, you can scan documents with Notes.

On Android, we recommend the app Camscanner. Next to that, Evernote and Dropbox also have good built-in scan functions. Below, we walk you through these three apps.


  1. Click the camera button to make a scan.
  2. In ‘batch mode’ you can create one pdf doc with multiple scanned pages.
  3. Click the pdf sign at the top right, choose a destination and save in a folder of your choice.
  4. In our experience, Camscanner scans are better quality than OneDrive or Google Drive scans.


  1. Add new note
  2. Click ‘Camera
  3. On ‘automatic’ mode Evernote finds and captures your note.
  4. Click the button in the top right corner for ‘manual’ mode
  5. Choose a file format. ‘Photo’ is the exact photo you took. ‘Document’ is the enhanced scan which we show below. After scanning a document but before saving it, you can click on the ‘settings’ wheel. Here, you can choose to ‘save to photo gallery’.
Scan je whiteboard notebook notities via je telefoon


  1. Add new document
  2. Scan document
  3. On ‘automatic’ mode Dropbox finds and captures your note. Click ‘Auto’ to undo automatic mode.
  4. Click ‘Add page’ if you want to create one pdf document with multiple scanned pages
  5. Choose where to save your pdf file in Dropbox
PENS: Can I work with different colours in GreenBook? 2018-03-04T16:26:00+00:00

You can find the pens, pen holders and cleaning kits in the tab next to GreenBook Pocket, almost at the top of the GreenBook page.

  • green

  • blue

  • red

  • black

How do I get in touch if my question isn’t answered in the Support section? 2017-09-19T08:40:49+00:00


Whatsapp:  (+44)07948718410
[email protected]

We also provide customer service via social media.

We’re here.

How do I keep the pen and GreenBook together? 2017-10-03T14:29:14+00:00

Well that’s easy: make sure to always place the pen back into the pen loop attached to GreenBook.

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ERASE: How can I erase GreenBook pages? 2018-03-04T16:26:11+00:00
  • For small corrections, use the felt eraser on the back of the pens.

  • Use a dry wipe cloth, preferably made of a textured material such as felt.

  • No water or soap!

  • Whiteboard cleaning spray helps you clean pages in no time.

WATER: Is GreenBook waterproof? 2018-03-04T16:26:59+00:00

GreenBook is splash proof, but we wouldn’t advise writing under water. Stone Notebook on the other hand does have water proof pages. 😉

CLICK: How do I click a page in and out of the binding? 2018-03-04T16:27:22+00:00
  • Out: hold the page on the top and gently zip downwards.

  • In: Carefully click each of the lips around the binding discs.

How long before I have my order? 2017-10-03T14:24:12+00:00

Within the Netherlands we’re pretty quick! Elsewhere, it’s not that easy to predict because of different post conditions.

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Do you ship sustainably? 2017-10-03T14:24:26+00:00

Within the Netherlands, we compensate CO2 of our shipments in collaboration with PostNL.

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What are the shipping costs? 2018-05-11T09:06:08+00:00

Delivery in the Netherlands:
€3.95. Free above €60

UK delivery:
€5.95. Free above €90

European delivery:
€5.95. Free above €90

Canada, US, Australia:
€8.50. Free above €175

Where do you ship to? 2018-05-11T09:25:11+00:00

We ship to Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. For all shipping methods, go to our delivery page.

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