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Do I need to buy rings if I create my own GreenBook?2019-10-12T21:23:06+00:00

When buying a GreenBook, you have two options:

Option 1: Choose one of our ready-made packages. All the basics, such as rings and a pen, are included in these. You can still add extra pages of your choice.

Option 2: Create your own GreenBook from scratch (A5 only). Follow these steps to make sure you have everything you need. You can choose between the white (max 32 pages) and black rings (max 50 pages).

How do I prevent my pen from drying out?2019-10-12T21:06:50+00:00
Fun fact2019-10-12T21:04:45+00:00

GreenBook and all our vegan leather products have been designed in-house, to give you the best possible Greenstory experience. As such, we’re able to help you with any and all questions.

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My spray bottle is finished. What do I do?2019-10-12T21:02:17+00:00

Your spray bottle is refillable. Remove the lid, rinse and fill your bottle with, e.g.:

The bamboo of my toothbrush absorbs water? What do I do?2019-10-12T20:59:13+00:00

Bamboo and wood are natural materials that absorb a lot of water. That’s why we oil our bamboo toothbrushes – and our wooden spoons – with olive oil. Olive oil ensures that the material absorbs less water and therefore fewer odors.

This is how we do it:

  • Coat the bamboo with a little bit of olive oil
  • Leave to dry for a night
  • Your toothbrush will be ready for use as soon as it stops feeling greasy to the touch
How do I use the refill station?2019-10-12T18:04:53+00:00

Aim to refill your pen before its completely empty, when the tip is still smooth and supple. This will help absorb the ink better. Once the tip dries out completely, it will be hard and the ink will not absorb as well.

Put the pen in the refill station (with the tip down) and leave to soak for the night.

I am having difficulties with the lay-out of the planner pages. Can you explain?2019-10-12T18:48:08+00:00

All the planner pages are designed to give you a full overview of a day, week, month, or year.

You start on the left side. As such, you can add multiple planners in a row without having blank pages in between.

What happens to the ink when the pages rub together?2019-10-12T18:26:49+00:00

Due to the high erasability of the pages, it is possible that some words will accidentally erase when you’re out and about. We recommend keeping your GreenBook in a side pocket, or it’s own bag (like these!) to prevent this from happening as much as possible.

Can I clean the GreenBook pages with water only?2019-10-12T19:08:52+00:00


Simply wet your GreenBook wipe and erase. Beware: The edges of the pages are not 100% waterproof, so make sure not to use too much water.

Can I combine GreenBook with similar ‘click-systems’?2019-10-12T19:13:44+00:00

GreenBook pages are designed to fit the ATOMA binding system. Your GreenBook pages will thus fit any ATOMA-compatible binding system.

Can I create my own GreenBook?2019-10-12T19:16:21+00:00


Simply choose a size (A4, A5, A6 or A7), base, your favourite pages and a cover.

How do I slide my notebook in the vegan leather cover?2019-10-12T19:17:21+00:00
How can I clean my zero waste straws?2019-10-12T19:18:14+00:00
How can I clean my microfiber wipe?2019-10-12T19:19:10+00:00


Wash at 40 degrees.

What pens can I use with my GreenBook?2019-10-12T19:27:37+00:00

We work with the Staedtler ‘dry-erase’ pens (Magic Pens). You’ll automatically receive a black Magic Pen when you order a GreenBook. Want more color variety? Please see here.

Unfortunately, Frixion pens or standard whiteboard markers are not suitable.

How many pages fit in a GreenBook?2019-10-12T19:29:23+00:00

This depends.

With classic white rings the limit is 32 pages. Need more than 32 pages? We recommend the black XL rings, which will take you up to 50 pages.

I’m left-handed. Can I use GreenBook?2019-10-12T19:34:59+00:00

Yes! There are many left-handed users.

GreenBook ink is fast-drying, but not as fast as a ballpoint pen. As such, we recommend you

  • Use your erasable notebook upside down.
  • Turn GreenBook 45 degrees.

I’m a leftie, and the black pen doesn’t leave marks on my hands! Plus I use some of the pages upside down as writing left-handed is easier that way. The habit tracker and nutrition planner are great for lefties too, I love that they are rotated.

Jasmina, @jasminadijon