Together with you we make a positive impact. We’re working towards a healthier and flourishing future with our sustainable and reusable products, plastic-free packaging and CO2-neutral delivery.


Reusable, refillable, washable… living sustainably doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. It is our goal at Greenstory to make daily life greener, little by little, without it getting in the way of life. We do this using smart innovations, like our bamboo washable cotton pads. Another example: Our survey showed that GreenBook users save an average of 300 pieces of paper a year.

impact of greenbook

Plastic-free packaging 

All our packing materials are biodegradable. We use paper and cardboard, even our tape is plastic-free. All of our materials are unbleached and made of recycled fibres as much as possible. This way, you can order your favourite products online, without having to worry about plastic packaging.

CO2-neutral delivery: renewable energy in Kenya

Greenstory invests in biogas in Kenya via the Dutch organisation Hivos. This way your order is CO2 neutral, and you contribute to affordable and sustainable energy. The switch from cooking on coal or wood to biogas is also much healthier.