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From products to shipping, from packaging to working conditions.

Not only do we encourage green lifestyles with Greenstory-essentials, we also look inwards at our impact as a company. GreenTeam uses recycled paper shipping materials such as envelopes and even the label on which your address is printed.

We wrote an article about the impact of GreenBook in comparison to a traditional notebook. Read it here.

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GreenBook Impact


Green essentials which tell their own story with the 10 labels.

Greenstory-essentials are labelled with the relevant icons, we also call them ‘Chapters’ of the product’s story. These 10 icons tell the story of a product’s lifecycle from resource extraction to disposal or reuse. At a minimum, all essentials are fair trade as symbolised by the heart label.


We aim to minimise our water footprint.


FSC, PEFC or Blauer Engel certified.


Send a product back to GreenTeam if you’re done re-using.


We select materials that have been recycled or can be recycled in the future.


No harmful substances.

Green energy

We are working towards 100% green energy while reducing our use.

Fair trade

A fair working environment is a requirement for all our products.

Made in the EU

Conforms to EU law.

Climate neutral

We are climate neutral by compensating our greenhouse gas emissions.


Broken down by micro-organisms, goes with household waste.

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