Create your own whiteboard notebook starting from €16,50.


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Go for a notebook or a specialised package


Add clickable pages

Choose from 16 different erasable pages, from to-do lists to weekly planners.


Find practical add-ons

Clickable tabs, erasable pens and a variety of covers including vegan leather.


Also by Greenstory: GreenPad

Try an erasable notepad with strong cover from €13,50.

Watch GreenBook in action

Choose your clickable pages from erasable To Do lists to weekly planners. Together with GreenBook users, we have designed erasable whiteboard pages which you can click in and out of your whiteboard notebook. This way, you have an erasable notebook, planner and to do list all in one!

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I use GreenBook Pocket almost daily and bring it with me everywhere! I have quite a chaotic personality, and I tend to compromise this by making many lists. Since I use the GreenBook, I have all my lists together (and even the pencil attached to the GreenBook).


I have been using my GreenBook daily for 1.5 years now. Mostly for notes during meetings and to do / priority lists. No more piles of loose pieces of paper!


I use my GreenBook for quick notes during a meeting, as visual tool when I want to explain something to my colleague or to clarify complex processes for myself.


I use GreenBook to leave notes for my boyfriend and to write quick lists. Miraculously, the ink does not smudge when going over it. I could not do without it anymore!

Since last year iI have been using my GreenBook daily, it’s a-ma-zing. A planning and quick notes no longer end up in the bin, I simply erase them!

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