Some thoughts are there to keep: presenting GreenStory’s Stone Notebook

On working days, we make a lot of notes, be their mental or physical. Remember to put the trash out when you get home. Don’t forget to call the dentist. The email address of the last customer has changed. All things that are important, on a day like any other. Tomorrow, however, you will have forgotten about them, and rightfully so: our minds are not made to remember every detail we engage with. Greenstory’s erasable notebook GreenBook embodies this reality: when you’re done with the seventh small task of the day, you simply erase it from the to-do list, and forget about it. Until we meet again, deadline.

However, some things are not to be forgotten. Those ‘things’ are usually ideas that are important to us, that mark the course of our lives. They may come in the form of memories, a single phrase, drawings, or a peculiar shape. In any case, they deserve a physical presence, a possibility to be touched, re-viewed, shown, sometimes even smelled. When you read a beautiful line of poetry that deserves to be remembered, reread, said out loud. When your son makes you a drawing. When you leave a note to your loved one. Those moments deserve to be set in stone.

Greenstory’s latest innovation allows you to do exactly that. The Stone Notebook, like its name suggests, consists of 80 soft, gentle white pages made of stone. While this may sound unorthodox, it is, Greenstory believes, the way forward when it comes to writings you want to set in stone.

80% calcium 20% polyethylene, Stone Notebook is more personal than digital production, more sustainable than normal paper, and more durable than both: Stone Notebook is waterproof and as a result of its unusual origin, its pages are twice as strong as the good-old paper made from trees that provide the earth with oxygen. Great extra: for every Stone Notebook purchased, one of tree highly valuable trees is planted in Ghana.

Curious as to the details, since that’s where the devil houses? We get it, that’s the way we are, too. Here we go. The money we set aside from your purchase goes to the planting of one of the following tree threes: the Ofram-tree, used for a variety of purposes, the most important being temporary constructions, canoes, and paint; the Kusia-tree, used for telephone poles, furniture, food, and medicine; and the Wawa, used for furniture, pencils, and sculptures. Indeed, if you think it through, this wood is key to the vital infrastructure of an entire village. We won’t promise you an entire village, but we can promise you reforestation. Oh, and we almost forgot! We can also vow for the following: no coating, acid, bleach or other damaging chemicals are used during the production process.

Greenstory’s Stone Notebook holds yet another promise, however: the carbon footprint of stone paper is three times less than that of traditional paper. So while you’re drawing, thinking, writing, in your Stone NoteBook, there is no need to think about those millions of kilograms of paper that are being wasted while you’re at it: because you, with Stone Notebook, leave a mark where you want to, and leave none where none is wanted.

Curious about what forms and shapes Stone Notebook comes in? Check it out on this page.

PS: For those hesitant about whether they’re up to the commitment of setting things in stone: do not worry, Stone Notebook’s material can be infinitely recycled.


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