Inventing and following recipes with GreenBook

Always have your notes with you and erase them in the blink of an eye

As a blogger, I want to be able to put my ideas into writing every second of the day. That way, I can clear my head and avoid forgetting important stuff However, I don’t want to create paper mountains with all my sketches, words and recipes. My solution usually is: write them down on a piece of paper, copy it on my pc, and throw away the paper. Such a waste!

That’s why I was super enthusiastic when I discovered GreenBook. Now, I write down my ideas, type them over and simply erase them! That way, I can use one single notebook my entire life.


I take my GreenBook everywhere. When I work at my desk, it’s next to me, when I cook, it’s on the counter, and when I travel, it’s in my bag. That way, I can always clear my head by writing down my ideas. It doesn’t have to be organized: I’ll order my ideas on my pc, anyways. Next step: I just erase them, and am ready for a new brainstorm!


Another use of GreenBook is writing down recipes. This goes two ways: when I invent a recipe, and when I want to follow somebody else’s recipe. In the first case, I do not write down my ideas when I start working on my blog. After all, by then, I’ll already have forgotten what I cooked! I put GreenBook on the counter and write down everything I do. After elaborating the recipe on my pc, I can immediately start writing a new one if I wished!

The other way works well, too. I think it’s a waste to print a recipe, so I write down some key words in my GreenBook and take it to the kitchen. After cooking or baking, I erase my keywords. After a couple of times, I won’t even need the recipe anymore.

Calm for the environment and your mind

A nice side effect of GreenBook is that it helps me finding peace of mind way better than does a paper notebook. Paper is still something definitive: you’re inclined to keep it because you might want to write down something else on the same paper. By the time you do throw it away, you need to go through various steps before it’s really gone. When I write in my GreenBook and then erase my writing, it’s really gone. I can’t ‘un-erase’  it. That’s much more definitive and gives me peace of mind: my ideas are now nowhere to be found. Unlike paper, that trespasses your table, the paper bin, the container on its way to disappearance,  the message you write in GreenBook is really gone in an instant. Gone from your head, gone from nature: really calming

About Giulia

Giulia talks about a sustainable, conscious lifestyle on her blog From the yummiest vegetable recipes to meditations, tips to live with less, and reviews about green products: it can be found there. Moreover, she works in a gym and is an independent writer. On, all these interests coincide!


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