Combining a non-erasable with an erasable Bullet Journal

I have been using GreenBook already for a while to make notes, which I later digitally transcripe or scan. However, since I added erasable dotted pages to my GrenBook I have also been using my whiteboard notebook as addition to my Bullet Journal!

What is a Bullet Journal?

In case you have missed the hype: Bullet Journal is a way to divide a notebook which helps you to be more productive. In this notepad, you combine your agenda, (to-do) lists and any notes you want to organise on paper. The type of notebook you use for a bullet journal is very personal but most people choose dotted paper. Usually, a BJ starts with an index where you can note down important pages. After the index, you can write down your legend; a few symbols to organise your BJ. My legend consists of: “doing”, “events”, “notes”, “important” and “look up”.

The way in which it continues differs per person. You can create a monthly overview of tasks, you can draw up a habit tracker (or simply go for the erasable habit tracker add-on), for example, to keep track of your daily steps. You can even use it as diary. However, the greatest part of a Bullet Journal is personalisation. You can create it exactly according to your needs.

Does a Bullet Journal cost too much time?

The hype around a Bullet Journal has arisen mostly from elaborate, beautiful pages which get many likes on Instagram. However, according to me, this actually contradicts the original idea of the Bullet Journal. The inventor of the BJ had the intention of creating a clear overview in one place, instead of a separate diary, a separate grocery list, birthday calendar and a collection of notebooks which are always difficult to find when you need them. So, trying to optimise the ‘prettiness’ level of your pages with time-consuming layouts only causes stress. What if you mess up or make a spelling mistake? (well, you can easily correct those in your erasable notebook of course)

The best thing about a Bullet Journal is; you cannot go wrong. It’s completely up to you. In busy times I use my BJ as originally intended, quick and to the point. When I have time to spare, on the other hand, I spend extra effort on the headings and lettering. I really enjoy looking at some of the gorgeous pages on Instagram.

Combining a non-erasable and erasable bullet journal

The benefit of a Bullet Journal is keeping together all of your lists in one notepad. In my case however, I use two. One erasable Bullet Journal and one non-erasable notebook.

I prefer my whiteboard notebook for quick checklists, especially featuring recurring topics which I will not want to keep anyway such as washing the dishes. By writing these tasks in my whiteboard notebook, I am not wasting pages in my paper notebook unnecessarily. At the end of the week I copy any important notes from my erasable BJ to my paper one. Such as moments which taught me something, moments for which I am grateful and big tasks which I should remember.

About Nynke

This guest blog is written by Nynke. She blogs in Dutch on, where you can find DIY items such as above pen holder. She loves creating, drawing and painting. She equally enjoys sending out mail (and receiving mail) as well as watching good series and movies. When she was 12 she decided to become a vegetarian because animals are great. She still agrees with that, although the environment now weighs in too. She loves tasty (vegetarian) food and shares her favourite recipes on her blog.


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