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As a blogger you are constantly writing online. You are shooting photos and editing them. When you start taking a serious approach, a lot of planning is involved. I soon found out the stacks of paper involved in organising an online blog. You have to stay on top of trends and ideas to write about, map out the details of each blog and remember all the things you have to shoot photos of when the daylight is good (especially in winter).

Personally, I have filled many notebooks with to-do lists and custom planners. Altogether, this was a lot of work, not to mention the pile of paper waste. With GreenBook, the erasable whiteboard notebook, I can easily organise my blog without producing lots of waste. That’s definitely the way forward for my blog which increasingly features a green lifestyle!

I make sure to have my blog planning in order through the following activities:

1 – Editorial calendar

The erasable monthly planner functions perfectly as an editorial calendar. I use the black erasable pen to note down the name of the blog post I want to launch on a specific day, the colour green is for other important issues, such as administration or other vital tasks which have to be finalised on a specific day.

GreenBook Blog planner: blog post checklist

2 – Blogpost checklist

Another important one is my blog post checklist. I use the erasable dotted pages for this purpose. Here I keep track of my preperations for each individual blog post; have I written the article, taken pictures and remembered other important issues such as social media promotion and tagging brands which are central in a specific blog post.

GreenBook blog planner: photo planner

3 – Photo planner

When you want to work efficiently, it is crucial to divide tasks into groups, for example taking a number photos in a row. I use the erasable project planner to list all photos I need for my blogs. When the weather is good, I take the opportunity to prepare and shoot a number of photos without having to think hard about which ones I need. Especially in the winter, when good daylight is scarce, this works really well.

4 – Managing elaborate blog post

Sometimes there is more to a blog post than just a ‘still life’ photo. At times, a shoot requires a lot of arrangements to be made beforehand. This happens with DIYs or when you are borrowing items from PR agencies for styling photos. Or how about a mini series around a certain theme? The GreenBook erasable project planner helps you organise these events.

GreenBook blog planner: brainstorm

5 – Blog posts brainstorming and outlining

A blog post does not just magically arise in my head. I usually brainstorm about the coming month, the season and holidays coming up. In this way I come up with a planning for the next weeks. I use the erasable lined pages to summarise my idea for each blog post and list anything I still need to do or buy in advance.

At the end of the month it is such a pleasure to erase it all and start with a clean slate! And if I want to change something in the meantime, this is no problem as I can easily erase bits and re-organise the pages by clicking them in and out of GreenBook.

How would you organise your GreenBook blog planner? Which pages would you use?

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