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Already for a while I have been wishing to start a Bullet Journal. This is a home made notebook in which you keep track of to-do lists and meetings in a creative and clear way. At first I thought it would be difficult for me to realise my own Bullet Journal due to my lack of neat handwriting and the fact that I am a born perfectionist. If I make a writing mistake, I prefer to tear out the page and start again. It turns out that GreenBook is perfect for this because its pages are erasable and reusable!

New week, clean slate

Easily erase your notes at the end of the week. This is especially handy if you are plagued by writing mistakes and misplaced dots. A clean slate is made in no time with this notebook! I structure my notes by using Greenstory’s range of planner pages, such as the weekly, monthly and yearly overviews as well as to-do lists, grid and lined erasable pages. All pages are available separately. It is easy to click them in and out of the special binding.

Personally I prefer the blanco erasable pages for ultimate creativity! I use such an empty canvas to create themed pages, such as my monthly goals or ideas for illustrations. Furthermore, I fill the erasable weekly planner and the erasable to-do lists with personal meetings and business appointments. I also use my GreenBook to keep track of my own nutrition plan as well as the nutrition plan of my son Olle. Very clear and accessable and in this way I can be assured that we do not lack anything! 🙂

Give Back.

This autumn, the first ever limited edition GreenBook was launched. Proceeds are going to the Fawaka Entrepreneur School, a foundation teaching primary school pupils social entrepreneurship. Kids are being taught that they can make a difference with their ideas and wishes, creating a better world. I find this initiative incredibly inspiring!

Endless scribbles

I adore my GreenBook, I now finally have my own Bullet Journal in which I can unleash my creativity. It is a beautiful, promising product which flawlessly combines sustainability and creativity. I can enjoy illustrating my GreenBook and in the meantime the environment is helped too; I am a fan! You too?

About Shari

Shari Pelkmans is a designer from Eindhoven, the Netherlands (this is the same city where the famous Dutch Design week is held each year). She looks for inspiration in the fields of sustainable interior and lifestyle, sharing her findings in Dutch on her blog


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