Planning sustainable projects with the erasable Project Planner!

As zero waster, I try my best to produce as little waste as possible. Not only do not use disposable cups or plastic bags, I also try to waste as few resources as possible. Resources such as paper. The ideal solution A GreenBook Project Planner!

Zero waste

The zero waste lifestyle starts from the principle of the 5Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. With each choice I make, I try to score ‘as highly as possible on the ladder’. This means that I refuse as many disposable products as possible and I try to reuse.

On average, we use 80 kilograms of paper per person. A lot of this is made up of notebooks and scrap paper.

It’s possible to reduce this! I have found the zero waste solution for planning my ‘zero waste’ (and personal) projects: an erasable notebook by Greenstory.

From chaos to an all-in-one solution

As I am quite chaotic in nature, it is essential for my to plan all my projects and write down all accompanying to do’s. This way I do not forget anything and keep it clear in my head. Before using GreenBook, I used to have five different notebooks, pieces of paper, napkins, receipts and newspapers, but now I can fit everything into just one notebook: the erasable notebook by Greenstory.

Ik besloot om de Project Planner add-on van Greenstory uit te proberen voor mijn zero waste doelen. Zo kon ik nóg overzichtelijker aan het werk gaan; de pagina’s klikten namelijk makkelijk in mijn boekje met aantekeningen! Aan de linkerkant van de pagina kan ik de datum invullen waarop mijn to do (of must do) af moet zijn. Als ik de taak heb afgerond kan ik het bolletje inkleuren.

Waar ik eerder werkte met superingewikkelde schema’s en systemen, blijkt voor mij een simpel afvinklijstje toch het handigst.

A notebook for a book project!

Now that we are writing a book, we have many tasks and to do’s. I list them in Greenstory’s project planner. I do not have to be afraid of forgetting my to do list, because the project planner is in my ‘general’ notebook, which I always carry in my bag. This way, I carry my products with me. The unique erasable feature allows me to easily make adjustments when the planning or a task changes. I simply spray some whiteboard spray on the page and wipe it pure white with the cloth.

This way I never have to throw out a full notebook or buy a new one and at the same time, I keep all of my projects structured!

About Jessie

Jessie is, together with her sister Nicky, blogger on The Zero Waste Project .nl. She lives zero waste since 2014; without producing waste. On the blog, Nicky and Jessie write in Dutch about reducing waste without giving up comfort, style or fun. Be happier: go zero!


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