10 tips to rock your working day

Our GreenTeam brings you their 10 most important tips to rock your working day! Let us know what you think!

  1. Start the day before

Today, make a to-do list that clearly states your priorities for tomorrow (and tomorrow only). This way, you don´t create unrealistic expectations, and you won´t forget the track you were on when you close your laptop after a day of work.

Make sure to add even small activities, such as walking the dog – they´re important, too, and, whether we like it or not, take time.

  1. Start with what’s most dreaded

It might sound counterintuitive, but our GreenTeam tends to take the most difficult decisions first. That way, your horizon is clear, and you will notice that the difficulty of the other tasks pales in comparison! It’s a situation with winners only, because procrastination is not only destructive for the results of your work, but also for your mood.

  1. Underestimate yourself (yes, really)

While it is obvious that one should make reachable goals, actually, we always struggle with this, because we humans tend to overestimate our own competence. In order to complete tasks successfully – without having to revisit them the day after – we simply need time. Try to underestimate yourself a bit structurally – you´ll see it´s magic!

  1. Repeat after me – multitasking doesn’t exist

Sorry to keep letting you down, but various studies have shown that multitasking is another fantasy we like to entertain. However tempting it might be to deal with many of the tasks we face on a working day simultaneously, it usually doesn’t lead to the desired result. As the Eagles already knew, take it (relatively) easy, and get more done.

top 10 tips voor een productieve werkdag

  1. Underestimate others

Alright, we´ll stop being negative now. What we mean, rather, is that others are probably just as busy as you are – and they create equally long to-do lists, which equally remain unfinished at the end of the day. You might very well be a point on their to-do list, and receive that much-awaited email two days too late. Try to incorporate a bit of flexibility in your planning to avoid becoming dependent on the other. (By the way, our erasable to-do list pages might come in handy here…).

  1. Revisit your inbox

Not to answer emails, this time, but to delete all those unnecessary emails that might very well be wanted – after all, those promotions make for good procrastination material – but also completely unproductive. Aim for a structurally empty inbox –by using Inbox Zero, for example.

  1. Embrace flight mode, go offline

We all have tasks we do not necessarily need internet for – call our co-worker, drop off a box at the post office, buy lunch – so make sure to keep them that way. Leave your phone at home when you go grocery shopping, put it in flight mode when showering, etc. This will give you a bit of headspace, lowers anxiety levels, and might even lead to some creative new ideas!

  1. Organize your workspace

For those working at home, especially, this might be a challenge. We easily find ourselves looking for tax papers among a pile of college photos, or mixing business cards with holiday postcards. Try to think of a system that suits your working space, and while doing it, don´t forget to invest in storage space!

For inspiration, check this blog about working from home.

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  1. Reserve time to educate yourself

Once we find a job, it is easy to get caught up in routine, without pausing to reflect on our personal development. However much you enjoy your job, it is good to keep in mind that it is temporary whilst your education will serve you for the rest of your life. Talk to your employer about educational programs, or educate yourself. Check Ted for inspirational talks, Coursera  for MOOCs (massive open online courses) on a variety of topics, and Headspace  for the much-needed, well, headspace.

  1. Wake up in time

Every day. Yes, it is difficult at first. But after a while, you´ll realize it´ll give you so much time and (head)space. Not surprising, then, that being an early bird is related to success!


Personal Pro Tip from Fleur – Use different browsers

Implemented recently, responsible for great success. Choose one browser to work with, and another one for leisure/other activities. That way, free time is free time. Enjoy your working day!

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Fleur is Greenstory’s all-round text editor, and loves anything that smells like old paper. Which is why, as a form of self-disciplination, she decided to work for Greenstory and promote erasable, endlessly renewable notebooks.


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