Greenstory believes the future is timeless.

Hi there! Our erasable notebooks, vegan leather items and zero waste products help you to reset, live green and add some structure into your every day life. Bring the future home in your house, office or backpack.

About us

Write forever.

Not every story has an ending. GreenBook gives you and our environment a second chance. Easily erase your notes with the felt eraser, the wipe or the spray and start all over.

About GreenBook

Go with the flow.

Customise your GreenBook with a range of erasable and clickable pages and add-ons. We design new pages with your feedback in mind, so GreenBook grows with you.

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Make it yours.

Upgrade your Greenbook with pretty and practical add-ons, such as our latest range of vegan leather covers.

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Your customisable, erasable and reusable whiteboard notebook

Create your own GreenBook using your favorite pages, add-ons and covers. Plan, wish, draw, create and erase what you no longer need. Start all over every day without ever having to throw anything away.

You already have a GreenBook Whiteboard Notebook for €16,50.

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Get organised.

Our new animal-free everyday essentials are here to help. Organise your earphones, keys, sunglasses and passport.


Take a stance.

Take a stance against the pollution of our planet. Replace single-use plastic with reusable alternatives.

Go zero waste

Make the difference.

Your Greenstory order is plastic-free. Even the shipping label is made of recycled paper.